All custom orders are considered specialty and we do not accept returns once payment is made. Velvet and Sprig, LLC cannot accept returns of perishable items or custom order items. We cannot resell custom items or food that has been out of our oversight. We are not responsible for products that spoil due to: packages left at the door for extended periods of time, or delays in delivery times due to incorrect or incomplete addresses. We are not responsible for any items damaged during transit. Shipping charges are non-refundable.


Velvet and Sprig, LLC will make every attempt to provide the selected custom gift contents. We have established relationships with local brands that are often small batch. In the case the product availability changes we will substitute with similar products.


We take great pride in curated gifts and their aesthetic and so Velvet and Sprig, LLC takes creative freedom during production. It may be that the products look more stunning in a new arrangement discovered during packing or that they fit better in a slightly larger/smaller box. We take the liberty to make adjustments that enhance the gift experience without sacrificing the look and feel that the client is expecting. On occasion, vendors may update their packaging, especially when dealing with small batch, local businesses. We will make every effort to update you with any possible modifications prior to delivery but on occasion we will not have much time for substitutes.


Please make sure that any artwork submitted is accurate as we will not refund customized materials once they have been printed.


Custom Orders: The client must disclose any dietary restrictions or food allergies in the initial custom order request. Velvet and Sprig, LLC is not liable for an injury that occurs due to food consumption. Velvet and Sprig, LLC is a retailer of pre-packaged foods. We are not liable for food related injury or mis-labeling of ingredients by the food manufacturer. All food laws and regulations must be complied by the food manufacturer. All clients and their guests are encouraged to read the labels before consuming. Velvet and Sprig, LLC will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed including labeled and non-labeled food products.

Velvet and Sprig, LLC also does not assume any liability for adverse reactions to any other products including but not limited to bath bombs, lotions, nail polish, candles, etc. It is up to the client to read all product ingredients or to contact the vendor directly if there is a question regarding ingredients.


The client is responsible for submitting the final list of delivery recipients and locations, no later than 7 days prior to the delivery date.

It is suggested you stay away from shipping chocolate products during the summer to early fall months. It is not advisable to leave chocolate/food products/beauty products at on a door step for an extended period.